Learn About Us

Invox Technology Solutions strives to provide customer-first solutions that minimize the headaches you get from managing your IT and improve the way you use technology. As your local technology provider, we get to know our customers on a personal level, and your problems become our problems.

It's our guarantee that we work harder to exceed your expectations because we care about our customers and genuinely want to resolve your IT challenges with the best solutions possible. As your technology expert and partner, we manage and maintain your IT infrastructure even after solutions have been deployed. Don’t let your IT challenges overwhelm you; we’re a quick phone call away.

Our Mission

To provide business owners with peace of mind. To work with them as a trusted adviser to develop high quality and innovative business solutions. Through expert knowledge, experience, integrity and ingenuity, Invox Technology Solutions will ensure that its customers’ information systems are always available, scalable, and secure.

Our Values & Mission

Invox Technology Solutions fosters an environment in which our stakeholders feel respected, supported, and valued. We believe a focus on our team’s individual needs enables us to create the right set of conditions to unlock their full potential.
Invox Technology Solutions is instrumental to our clients growth and success. We believe a technology partner is responsible for proactively managing an organization’s technology needs. When our clients scale they don’t need to spend time worrying about their infrastructure— they can focus on their core business needs.
A multifaceted approach to open and honest communication guarantees better organizational outcomes for us, and better business outcomes for our clients. Technology can be messy and complicated but we pride ourselves in empowering decision makers with the information they need, regardless of their expertise.
Our tech teams keep a pulse on the latest technologies and our business analysts are focused on actionable implementation to extract the best use cases and efficiencies. In turn, we’re always looking for new ways to better serve our clients— leveraging those same innovations to keep our costs competitive.